Karren Alexander Presents

Mindset Makeover Personal Development Training

February 2020

New Orleans, LA
Renaissance Pere Marquette

See below for pictures and testimonials of the November 2018 training.

Training Overview

  • Are you ready to re-ignite your career goals?
  • Are you ready to ignite your life long dreams?
  • Are you ready to catapult your business goals?
  • Are you ready to learn one key method to extinguish stagnate thoughts and behaviors?
  • Are you ready to map a MAD plan for success?
  • Are you ready to overcome obstacles and challenges?
  • Are you ready to have the energy that will enrich your life and not sabotage it?

Are you just ready to recharge and be fascinated and amazed by your own power?

This training will help you identify the practical steps to shift your thoughts and behaviors. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” This training is designed to awaken your mind, empower your life, and IGNITE your inner source.

What You Will Learn

  • How to recognize behaviors associated with self-awareness and self-management.
  • How to assess your own strengths and opportunities for continuous growth and fulfillment.
  • How to use a process to eliminate emotional struggles attacking your progress.
  • What happens when you allow other’s emotional thoughts and behaviors to sabotage your progress.
  • How to develop an action plan for your next best move.
  • How to enhance your sense of confidence and well-being, improve your communication whether at work, home, or in your business and build richer and more satisfying relationships. Developing self-awareness promotes increased productivity and higher satisfaction and fulfillment in your personal life, career, and business. An inner makeover is more critical than an outer makeover. Recharging, rejuvenating, and reigniting yourself can also change your perceptions of others — leading to improved communication, increased empathy and better interpersonal rapport and relationships.

Who Will Benefit: Anyone needing to ignite their career, personal life, or business.

This Personal Development Training Will Be Transformational

YOU CAN have a more fulfilling life, career, and business because YOU are:

  • Capable of rejuvenation through self-exploration and life empowerment.
  • Able to reignite your thoughts and behaviors to take your personal life, career, and business to the next level.
  • Needed by your colleagues, family, and clients to recharge based on the strength of your inner will to create the emotional strength needed to succeed.
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Join Me and My Canology™ Institute Team!