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Karren demonstrates daily that all things are possible if you believe. As a Canologist™, she has encouraged thousands of people (individually and corporately) to live beyond satisfaction and achieve the impossible by eliminating self-imposed limitations. Karren is a phenomenal and amazing speaker and keynoter energizing and compelling her audiences to leave the past behind and become like transformers “more than meets the eye”.

Karren is a phenomenal conference and keynote speaker, as well as, an author, songwriter, and mentor. She has conducted energetic workshops and seminars for groups and corporations with a focus of transformation coupled with motivation. She also serves as a mentor for individuals helping them to identify their purpose in life. She gives people lifelong tips and tools to plot a plan for continuous success. That is why she wrote her first book, Invisible Hand: Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges.” Invisible Hand compels the reader to focus on the present, chose to live a life motivated, and determined to accomplish your goals and dreams. She also wrote and co-produced a song titled, The Strength Within. The song tells people that “now” is the time to reassess their past, leave the past behind, and trust God.

Karren has successfully encouraged people because she is a walking testimony of a transformer. She is “more than meets the eye”. Karren was born and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana. When she was three years old, her hands got stuck in a wringer-type washing machine. The doctors were unable to get the blood to flow through her lower arm and hands; thus, her arms were amputated below the elbow. This tragic event devastated her parents. Many people including the doctors told her parents that she would have a difficult time. In addition, many people thought that her physical disability would somehow lead to a mental disability but Karren learned early in life that “giving up was not an option”. Karren believed that giving up meant that she gave up on God and her parents.

Karren learned early that the ability to succeed is based on the strength of your will. Thus, she uses her successes as a testimony to people on how they can succeed which is why she wrote the song “The Strength Within”. Click here to listen.

Karren has a dual undergraduate degree in Accounting and Management from Northwestern State University in Louisiana. Karren also has a Master of Science Degree in Accounting and is a Certified Government Financial Manager and Project Management Professional. Karren worked for the United States Department of Agriculture for over 35 years, retiring recently as a senior manager.

Karren’s goal is to restore hope and encourage people; however, she believes that the heart can only be transformed when the verbal speech pattern changes. She minimizes using disempowering words, such as, “can’t”. The word can’t is commonly used by people. Karren says, “People don’t understand that using the word can’t effects their ability to press beyond their problem, challenge, circumstance or situation.” It is a matter of getting past the past.

One of Karren’s favorite scriptures is the 23rd Psalms. “When I was a child, my siblings and I had to recite the 23rd Psalms and sing songs about God’s grace everyday”, said Karren. Her parents didn’t know that making her recite Psalms 23 about how the Lord is my shepherd and that he protects me by anointing my head would be the guiding scriptural light in her life. Also, her parents didn’t realize that making her sing “all of my help comes from the Lord” would anchor her spiritually to believe and have an enormous faith in God.

When asked what is her most successful or amazing personal accomplishment, she says driving. “I always wanted to be able to drive wherever I wanted to go without depending on others”, says Karren. She can drive without special attachments or devices from an automatic to a five speed.

Karren is the founder and CEO of PAMD International, LLC and OneWAY Enterprises. PAMD is an acronym describing her foundational principles and life sustaining belief which is to be positive with an attitude of motivation and determination. Karren enjoys teaching people how to be victorious, win, succeed, and achieve what people think is impossible. OneWAY Enterprises is her personal financial management consulting business. Karren assist individuals and families from establishing budgets to ensuring they are properly advised on investment and insurance options suitable for them and/or their families.

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